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Conformation is the most widely known American Kennel Club (AKC) event. If you have seen a dog show on TV, it was probably a conformation show. Animal Planet says Conformation isn't just about bloodlines, grooming, handling, presence or training; It's about all of them.

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Fond du Lac County Kennel Club, Inc. 

The Fond du Lac County Kennel Club wishes to extend a warm welcome to you and your dog for this series of conformation training classes. The club offers these classes as a community service to train Fond du Lac County dog owners to train their dogs. A well behaved dog is a happy dog and a credit to his owners and the community. The Fond du Lac County Kennel Club is a non-profit organization and all the instructors and trainers work on a purely voluntary basis. 

Listed below are the rules and requirements for training in conformation class:

  • FEES: Payable at the start of each class each week.
    • $3.00 for club members
    • $5.00 for non-club members 
  • SCHEDULE: Every Wednesday night at 6:30pm to 7:30pm at the Fond du Lac Fairgrounds Cow Palace. In the event that we cannot have the building we will let you know the week before class or try to contact you by phone or email. Be sure to sign in each week on the sign-up sheet so we have that information to contact you.


    Conformation Classes will begin on Wednesday, January 10, 2018  (6:30pm- 7:15pm) at the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds Cow Palace. Any questions can be directed to instructor, Karin Nyhuis at 920-583-4318

    NOTE: Class will continue through June 2018 and will be held "outside" weather permitting.

    Early arrival to help set up would be greatly appreciated. There is not much involved.  Thank you in advance.


  • QUALIFICATIONS FOR A DOG TO ENTER TRAINING: All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Only AKC registered dogs are eligible for Conformation training. If a dog is found to be vicious or uncontrollable, it will be dismissed from class. Even though you cannot enter an AKC event until your dog is 6 months old, you can start training in class at 3 months old.
  • MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS: All dogs attending class must have certificates showing proof of current vaccinations against Rabies (boostered every 3 years), Distemper, Hepatitis, Lepto, and Parvovirus (boostered every year). Also a Bordetella Vaccination (kennel cough) is advised. These should be presented at the first class you attend. Dogs showing signs of illness will not be admitted to classes.
  • DOGS HANDLED BY AN INDIVIDUAL OTHER THAN OWNER: Dogs should be handled by their owners or a member of the owner’s family. The handler that begins training with the dog should continue except under extreme circumstances. This will help prevent confusion in the dog’s learning process. Any change of handler should be approved by the class instructor.
  • EQUIPMENT NECESSARY: Each dog is required to have a show lead. This lead may consist of a fine choke collar and a light nylon leash or the traditional slip or martingale show lead. Leads and collars are not included in the training fee. We suggest that all handlers wear comfortable soft soled shoes and comfortable clothing.
  • THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN TRAINING: Choke collars and show leads are only to be used in your training sessions. For safety remove all training equipment when your dog is not being trained. For the time your dog is not being trained he should be fitted with a flat nylon or leather collar that is fitted close to the neck. Attach all ID tags to this particular collar. Do not attach any ID tags to your training equipment.
  • CLEAN-UPS: Exercise your dogs before class at home. When an accident does occur in the building or on the grounds, the handler is required to clean it up. The club will provide clean-up equipment for accidents. Remember to carry a few plastic baggies in your pocket for clean-up outside the building. Cooperation in this area is important for the Kennel Club to continue using the Fairground facilities.
  • SMOKING: There will be "NO SMOKING" during the time you are in this building.
  • FAMILY MEMBERS ON THE TRAINING SITE: Family members or children and guests are welcome to come and observe, however, it is helpful to the handler that these persons do not come near the handler or dog until after the class is over. This rule is enforced for safety.
  • MEMBER’S DOGS: Not only do you come for training, but many of our instructors and trainers also bring their dogs to be trained in other classes. These dogs are usually tied or placed in portable cages or crates located around the building. PLEASE, do not walk up to or stick your fingers in the crates of these dogs. The crate is the dog’s area and they may bark to protect it. If you are interested in any of these dogs, simply ask your instructor and they will direct you to the owner. There is nothing that we as dog owners enjoy more than to be asked about our dogs.
  • TRAINING METHODS: Our trainers will emphasize firmness, consistency, and patience and praise in the training class. We also tell handlers to talk to their dogs and give lots of treats or bait. A well-behaved dog is a happy dog and cruelty cannot achieve this goal. Cruelty is absolutely prohibited.
  • HOMEWORK: Patience, Persistence, Practice and Praise are the keys to training your dog. Keep on training, work out your problems, the reward is worth it! Working short periods several times a day is more beneficial than one long session.


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