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To some people, obedience is simply training their dog to sit, stay and heel on command. Others go farther and compete in organized competition to see how well their dogs can follow commands under distractions.

Canine Good Citizenship (CGC)
CGC Workshop

To be determined.

 This class will run for 4 weeks and will be held on Tuesday evenings. 

 Handlers need to have calm control with their dog to qualify (instructor will evaluate).

If interested in this class, please contact Kerry Sheridan to sign up at: 

                                The Certification consist of 10 tests: 
1) Accepting a friendly stranger;                             6) Sit and down on command/stay in place 
Sitting politely for petting;                                  7) Coming when called;
 Appearance and grooming;                                 8) Reaction to another dog;
 Out for a walk/walking on a loose leash;              9) Reaction to distractions; and,
5) Walking through a crowd;                                  10)Supervised separation.

Kindergarten Puppy Training (KPT)

KPT Instructors:  Kerry Sheridan and Dawn Bunkelman

 Available KPT Classes

This class runs 8 weeks (June 20th - Aug 8th ) "this class is filled". 

First week is orientation (no dogs) at 6:30. Held at the Fond du Lac Kennel Club   

  N5480 DeNeveu Lane, Fond du Lac  Class runs 8 weeks. Cost $95 

Contact person : Kerry Sheridan at:

At the first class you will need to provide your dogs shot records from a veterinarian, pay fee and sign a waiver.          

KPT classes are held at the Fond du Lac County Kennel Club at N5480 DeNeveu Lane, This class teaches very basic obedience and trust exercises. The puppy will learn sit, down, stay, come, off, and jump. They will be introduced to the following agility items: ramp, tunnel, jump and teeter board. We will talk about typical behavioral challenges, and offer suggestion on how to correct them, including housebreaking, crate training, traveling with your pet, recognizing dominant and subordinate behaviors and how and when to discipline.

Puppies eligible for class are of mixed or pure breeds, between the ages of 8 weeks to under 6 months of age and have at least their first series of shots.

You will need the following supplies for class:

     - flat buckle collar
     - 6 foot leash preferably leather, no chain or flexi (retractable) leashes
     - treats that are small & appetizing to the dog (we will go over some suggestions 
       the first week)
     - squeaky or favorite toy
     - shot records
     - crate or another person to watch & occupy the dog while you are registering

Beginning Obedience

The Beginner Obedience Class will be held at The Fond du Lac County Kennel Club clubhouse. Your dog will be challenged to sit/down stay for longer periods and with the handler at varying distances. You and your dog will practice different heeling patterns and heeling with distractions. You will practice the recall.

To be eligible for the class your dog should be 6 months or older. Dogs can be purebred or mixed breeds. Age appropriate Vaccinations must be up to date.

Available classes:

BIB1 Obedience Class
 This class runs 8 weeks ( April 9th - May 28th) Time: 6:00 p.m. Cost is $95

For more info or to sign up

Contact Dawn Bunkleman at 920-602-0129

Intermediate Obedience

This class will be held at Chelstar Bed & Biscuit. N4890 Highway 45 Fond du Lac. The next step after beginning obedience. This more challenging course is designed for those who want to earn competition obedience titles with their dogs or for those who just enjoy a well-trained family member. 

                                          Available classes:

BIB2 Obedience Class           

        This class runs 8 weeks (May 3rd - June 21st) Time: 6:00 p.m. Cost $95

    Dawn will be offering the CGC test at the conclusion of this class, the end of June.
      For more info or to sign up
                 Contact Dawn Bunkleman at :

To learn more about getting started in AKC Obedience or AKC Rally go
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